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Fairlight Asset Management

Global small & mid-cap investors

Global small & mid cap investors

Fairlight invests globally in 30-40 of the highest quality small and mid cap businesses, many of which investors are unfamiliar with.

We believe in concentration as, in our experience, backing our best ideas drives the strongest long-term returns. We focus on small and mid cap companies because, in our view, these businesses receive less investor attention, have greater growth prospects, and are more likely to be acquired by larger companies.

Our investment strategy emphasises business quality. Historically, we’ve found that a portfolio of the best businesses, purchased with valuation discipline, should outperform over the long term, whilst protecting and preserving client capital^.

Investment strategy

Fairlight employs three styles of investing within the global small and mid cap market: high-quality growth, stable compounders, and special situation/low-risk turnarounds.

Executing these distinct investment styles presents a broad array of opportunities, with each style tending to perform differently during various stages of an investment cycle.

Our strategy is executed with an ethical mindset, with hard screens against industries such as gaming, tobacco, and armaments. We are committed to actively avoiding companies which unequivocally cause harm to people and the environment.

We believe strong corporate cultures can be an enduring source of competitive advantage. One which we travel globally to analyse, contrast, and compare.

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